13 June 2017

08.00-09:00 Registration – Foyer

09:00 – 17:30 Sessions – Room 9

Session 1 (09:00- 10:30)  Opening & Paper presentations.

Introduction of participants (09:00-09:10) Chair:  Stewart Kowalski

Paper Presentations (09:10-10:30).  Chair: Ilia Bider
Each presentation 10 minutes talk + 5 minutes reflections from an assigned reviewer (strict)

  1.  Socio-technical Challenges in the Digital Gap between Building Information Modeling and Industry 4.0 Peter de Lange, Boris Bähre, Christiane Finetti-Imhof, Ralf Klamma, Andreas Koch and Leif Oppermann
    Reflections – Peter Bednar
  2. Analysis of Adoption Processes in Industry 4.0. Kirsten Liere-Netheler.
    Reflections – Peter Imrie
  3. `You are Here´. Exploring Social and Technical Environment of the Organization and Finding your Position in the Field. Paola Mauri
    Reflections – Ilia Bider
  4. Teaching Business Systems Analysis to Cyber-Security Managers: a Socio-Technical perspective. Moufida Sadok and Peter Bednar
    Reflections – Gil Regev
  5. Expanding Requirements Through Observation: An Experience Report. Nina Desnica, Gil Regev and Alain Wegmann
    Reflections – Moufida Sadok
  6. Virtual Personal Assistants—A different approach to supporting the end user. Peter Imrie (Poster – 5 min presentation)

Coffee  Break (10.30-11:00) & Poster Session

Session 2 (11:00-12:30) Paper presentation.  Chair: Peter Bednar

Each presentation 10 minutes talk + 5 minutes reflections from an assigned reviewer (strict)
Comment – some changes in the paper order have been made in this section due to conflicts with other CAiSE affiliated events

  1. Using a Socio-Technical Approach to Explore Perceptions of the Graffiti Culture. Sharon Cox, Emma Love, Sandi Kirkham and Mohammad Mayouf
    Reflections – Gil Regev
  2. Is People-Structure-Tasks-Technology Matrix Outdated? Ilia Bider
    Reflections – Moufida Sadok
  3. Challenges in Assessing Parameters of a Socio-Technical System. Ilia Bider and Erik Perjons
    Reflections – Peter Bednar
  4. Problem drift: a risk model for complex socio-technical projects. Silvana Costantini, Jon Hall and Lucia Rapanotti
    Reflections – Ilia Bider
  5. Using Rich Pictures to Represent Stakeholders’ Role during Enterprise Systems Upgrade Decisions. Gerald Feldman and Sandi Kirkham
    Reflections – Alexander Nolte
  6. Open Data for Competitive Intelligence at a Mining Company: a Focus Group Approach. Vitor Pinto, Fabricio Ziviani and Fernando Silva Parreiras
    Reflections – Stewart Kowalski

Lunch (12:30-14:00)

Session 3 (14:00 – 15:30) Group work on a business case using socio-technical perspective  Chair:  Alexander Nolte

Presentation of the business case (14:00-14:30)
Group work on the business case (14:30-15:30)

Coffee break (15:30-16:00)

Session 4 (16:00 – 17:30) Group work on a business case using socio-technical perspective & Closing. Chair:  Stewart Kowalski

Group work on the business case  (continuing from Session 3 – 16:00-16:30 )
Presenting of finding (16:30-17:15)
Closing (17:15-17:30)

Conference Reception (18.00- 21.00)